Official Title Sponsor Press Release

GUATS Soft Goods

Becomes Title Sponsor of Epic Multisport Race

GUATS Logs Rocks & Steel to take place in the Haliburton Highlands

on September 5th, 2009

July 27, 2009, TORONTOGUATS Soft Goods, Canada’s newest and hottest active lifestyle bamboo clothing brand is the title sponsor of the Logs Rocks and Steel multisport adventure race, taking place in Haliburton, Ontario on September 5th, 2009.

GUATS Logs Rocks and Steel ( is Ontario’s premiere multisport event that crosses the wild terrain of the Haliburton Highlands. Created and organized by two of Canada’s leading multisport athletes, Derek MacNeil and Bob Miller, this epic, community-oriented race gives participants a world-class adventure race experience within the inspiring natural environment of pristine Ontario cottage country. The Championship Course is a qualifier for the World Multisport Championships in New Zealand and includes a 16 km trail run, a 14 km wilderness paddle and portage, and finishes off with a 50 km mountain bike leg. The winner of the Championship Course race will have their entry fees covered for the World Championships in New Zealand. Amateur and beginner racers will also have the opportunity to experience world-class adventure racing by competing in the shorter Frost Centre Course. There will also be a kids race course to spur the next generation of multisport warriors.

GUATS Logs Rocks and Steel is open to Soloists, Relay teams or Teams of 2. Categories include: Solo Male, Solo Female, Team of 2 All-Male, Team of 2 All-Female, Team of 2 Co-ed, and Relay Teams.

Event co-organizer Derek MacNeil says, “Logs Rocks and Steel was created out of a desire to bring the basics back to adventure racing – fun, challenge, and community. We want people to experience nature in the way that only adventure racing can; that feeling like you are where no one has been before. And in an environment that is simply ‘down to earth’. From the world-class quality of the course, to the post race dinner and bonfire party, people can expect an unforgettable experience that celebrates the beauty of our planet and challenges their warrior spirit.”

"When planning the course we wanted to incorporate a wilderness paddle and portage reminiscent of the courier-des-bois age, a trail run that rewarded fitness, as well as technical trail savvy, and a mountain-bike leg that gave you a sense that you were really "out there" in the back-country” says co-founder Bob Miller. “We want people to experience that Classic Ontario Cottage Country environment, where you're far away from the city & simply enjoying nature at its rawest."

Embracing the GUATS vibe, GUATS Logs Rocks and Steel is all about celebrating an adventurous, active, healthy and fun lifestyle. GUATS co-founder Brad Rudin says, “There is something for everyone – from pro athletes, to those looking to experience the thrill of adventure-based competition for the first time. The values driving LR&S are consistent with the GUATS brand.This is an opportunity for participants to explore their potential, push boundaries, experience positive competition and live fully and positively on this amazing planet.”

“We spent our summers growing up in Haliburton and it has a very special place in our hearts,” says GUATS co-founder Adrian Kraizel. “It’s the perfect Ontario environment for an adventure race and the LR&S guys have done an incredible job designing the courses to showcase and experience this amazing environment.

“Everyone participating in LR&S is a warrior exploring new frontiers within nature and within themselves. GUATS celebrates this warrior spirit in all of us and we can’t imagine a better partner to create an outlet for the warrior to play,” says Derek MacNeil. “GUATS’ dedication to the planet, excellence, and creating a world focused on a healthy, active and fun lifestyle is in harmony with the LR&S culture. We are thrilled to have such a unique company support our event.”

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About GUATS. GUATS is a Canadian branded active lifestyle clothing line created from next generation bamboo fabrics in Canada. The GUATS vibe celebrates the warrior spirit at play in the modern world. The world's first pure branded active lifestyle bamboo apparel company, GUATS was founded by childhood friends and adventurers Brad Rudin and Adrian Kraizel in Toronto in 2006. GUATS can be found at leading specialty retailers across Canada. GUATS Active.Life.Style. It’s all good.